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Commercial Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Usually incorporating larger-than-life, eye-catching photos, illustrations, or logos printed in full color on vinyl which is applied to trucks, vans, trailers, or other service vehicles; full or partial commercial wraps are a great way to get your brand in front of a captive audience – those stuck in traffic.

There are many ways to apply vehicle graphics that fit within any budget and you can easily upgrade as your business grows. Vehicle graphics are permanent, but can be removed without damaging your paint job. In fact, vehicle wraps can protect the original paint from scratches, fading, and weather damage.

Getting Ready for a Vehicle Wrap

We may need to permanently remove emblems in order to fit the design. Please let us know if you have any concerns PRIOR to approving the artwork.

To help speed things along, the artwork must be print ready and approved several days before the installation date. If we need to print full color vinyl that needs to be laminated, it will take several days to prepare ahead of time. If we are unable to verify measurements and have to wait to print, the vehicle may need to be available for longer or overnight. We sometimes use our plotter to create templates that we can position and check for seams, door handles, etc. If we can get access to the vehicle to check the templates before printing, that will greatly reduce the time we will need. 

Any changes in size or additions to the artwork after proof approval may require a new estimate and delay the installation. 


We cannot stress this enough. Please WASH your vehicle before arriving for installation. Any dirt left on the vehicle will prevent the vinyl from sticking properly. We are located at a minimal water use facility, so we are unable to wash onsite. If the vehicle is small enough to go through a car wash, there is a Costco car wash nearby. If the vehicle is not clean enough, we may have to reschedule the install. 

DO NOT WAX the vehicle. This may prevent the vinyl from sticking properly.

Please do not use Windex or any chemical cleaners on the windows or surfaces of the vehicle. We will prep areas with rubbing alcohol, but any residue may cause issues with the adhesive on the vinyl.

Newly painted vehicles need to wait several weeks if not longer before installing vinyl. The paint on very old vehicles may also come off with the vinyl. By asking us to apply a permanent adhesive to your vehicle, you are accepting the risk of possible future damage to the paint if the vinyl needs to be removed. 

Commercial Wraps