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Indoor versus Outdoor Banners

Indoor banners are usually made of lighter weight materials, making them less weatherproof and durable than outdoor banners. They generally cost less and do not require special permits. Outdoor banners can also be used indoors and are good options if you plan on using the banners longterm or will be reusing them in different locations.

Material Options

Most banners are printed on some vinyl (PVC) material or fabric. If the banner looks bumpy up close, it is due to a polyester mesh (scrim) which provides strength. Heavier weights of materials cost more, but are better quality and more durable. Fabric banners are lightweight (less expensive to ship and more portable), more forgiving (wrinkles can be removed), and provide higher quality images, but they cost more.

Finishing Options

Most vinyl banners are hung using holes punched in the material and reinforced with metal or plastic rings called grommets. Alternatives are adhesive-backed plastic corner tabs or pole pockets which are sewn in. Banners can also be strengthened with either sewn or taped hems. Which option you choose will depend on how you plan to hang or display the banner. There are also several banner stands to choose from.